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Event Organiser is a robust and flexible event calendar plugin designed for WordPress. This technical documentation provides guidance on installing, configuring, and utilizing the features of Event Organiser. You'll find this plugin on the Admin screen, along the left-side menu.

Adding Event Categories

Setting up your Event Categories, first, is a great way to streamline your workflow. Follow these steps to add a new event category:

  1. Navigate to "Events" and select "Categories."

  2. Input category name

  3. Choosing a color for each category can help when your users view the calendar.

  4. Click "Add New Category" to save the category.

Adding Events

Follow these steps to add a new event:

  1. Find the "Events" entry in the menu.

  2. Select "Add New."

  3. Input event details such as start and end times, recurrence, and venue.

  4. Specify a featured image and category.

  5. Click "Publish" to save the event.

Displaying the Calendar on Your Site


Create a new page named "Events" and insert the [eo_fullcalendar] shortcode. Once published, this page will display the full calendar of events. Extend how your calendar displays by exploring different layouts, below.


Event Organiser offers widgets for displaying calendars, event lists, or venue lists. To add a widget:

  1. Go to "Appearance" and select "Widgets."

  2. Drag the "Events Calendar" widget to your desired widget area.

Choose the display type, such as a calendar or an agenda list, by configuring the widget settings.


Display a monthly calendar

[eo_fullcalendar headerLeft='prev,next title' headerCenter='' headerRight='today month,agendaWeek']

Display a list of upcoming calendar events

Using a shortcode you can create many different display options. One of them is to create a list of upcoming events. In this case it will display 5 events. Paste this shortcode in a page to see the results:

[eo_events numberposts="5" showpastevents="false"] <a href="%event_url%">%event_title%</a> [/eo_events]

Display agenda buttons (day, week, month)

[eo_fullcalendar headerLeft='prev,next title' headerCenter='' headerRight='today month,agendaWeek']

Display category buttons

[eo_fullcalendar headerLeft='prev,next, today title' headerCenter='' headerRight=' category' ]

Event Organiser iCal Sync

The iCal Sync extension allows your subscribe to external; automatically importing events via iCal feeds from other sites and services such as Google Calendar.

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