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Add a credit card reader that works with your merchant account
Add a credit card reader that works with your merchant account
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Why get a credit card reader?

  • Secure: PCI compliant, safe purchases for your members and your organization.

  • Easy for staff: Syncs directly from your existing merchant account and No additional applications or paperwork! Platform digital payments and Point of Sale credit/debit card payments ALL in ONE merchant account for accounting and reporting!

  • Easy for members: Credit card readers provide a smoother and faster checkout experience for your members and allow your employees to serve members more quickly. With no cash changing hands at the checkout, means shorter queues at your club or organization.

  • Fees: Processing fees are the same as the rest of our platform, 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. Competitive with or lower than most other options and when coupled with low or no monthly service fees, it is usually lower than most.

  • Shipping: Typical turnaround is 1 business day via FedEx Next Day air for NEXT DAY USE!

  • Note: The information above applies when ordering a new credit card reader device through Member Splash and BankCard USA. If you currently have a device, please contact [email protected] to inquire if it can be connected to your merchant account.

Choose from these two credit card readers.

Clover Go

Price: $150 plus $10/month service fee from Clover. The service can be temporarily suspended once the season is over and reactivated the following season by contacting Bankcard USA directly.

Quick Details: Same design and functionality as the credit card readers (currently on back order). Bluetooth and links to phones or pads.

Dejavoo QD4

Price: $295/no monthly fee.

Quick Details: A more traditional processing terminal. Great option. WIFI or ethernet line required. Quick. Contactless. Chip enabled. Prints receipts. Great for a busy snack shack etc.

Order YOUR credit card reader, today!

Contact Bankcard USA to order or for more information:

Note: If you indicated on the new customer application link form for credit card reader info he will be reaching out with you during your application process. Current Customers can contact him directly or have us contact him on your behalf!

Please note that Member Splash does not, at this time, integrate with a credit card reader. (meaning you swipe with an outside reader and then manually record that it was a CC transaction in our platform for your reporting purposes. It's not a seamless one step swipe and go process where the reader communicates with the POS directly, but neither are any outside other CC readers that you would use with our platform as well. The real advantage using our readers is the funds go in the same merchant account!) If you want to use a credit card at the time of service (not accumulate the charges and bill the members) please visit this article for a step-by-step walk through for using a credit card reader in parallel with your platform.

Do you have any questions for Member Splash Sales?

For more information on other credit card readers that may be Member Splash compatible, please contact [email protected].

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