Release 5.2.329

Release Notes for Oct 30 Release


MS-6 Labels Don't Print from Correct Account Group

- The account types chosen for labels were not printing out.  Now you can select a particular account type and it will just print that.

MS-8 POS: Name is Stripped out on Account Order

-  The name was not being carried over to the account order when a member put something on account.  

MS-129 Mailchimp Not Syncing

- There were some issues with mailchimp not syncing on payment changes.  This was corrected.

MS-130 No Charge Option for Guest Passes Doesn't Work

- An option you can select in the checkin settings is for a no charge option.  It was not working correctly and now can be selected and there will be no charge for that guest pass.

MS-211 Creating email forwarders just hangs

- When you created mail forwarders in the premium package, it was creating the account but the screen was not updating.  It is now corrected.

MS-214 When you select all for check in it duplicates the member selected

- We added select all as a means to add everyone on the account at once and check them in.  It was doubling the visit for the first member selected.  It is now corrected.

MS-231 New User Screen Hangs

- When you created a new user the screen was hanging even though the user was created.  It is now creating the user and updating the screen.


MS-16 POS: Write all entries to the Quick Books Report

- The transaction report is the new name for the quick books report.  All on account payments are now added to the report so everything that has been purchased via Member Splash is captured in that report.

New Feature Requests

MS-17 POS: Handle Making Change

- In the settings for point of sale, you can enable the make change application which will tell a guard how much change to give back.

MS-51 Select All Members for Checkin

- All members can be selected at one time at check in now.

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