2022 June

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Aaron Sonnenberg
Aaron Sonnenberg Admin

Version 5.4.537 


  • We’re happy to announce that our Progressive Web App has been released! The first feature we’re making available through the app is a Self-Checkin system. Members will be able to check in right from the app, alleviating long lines at the front desk and allowing members to quickly access the club.

Version 5.4.533


Version 5.4.532


  • Adds the ability to limit how many members can be on an account based on account type. In Member Splash Settings > Forms, the settings “Allow Users to Add Members” has been replaced/enhanced by the setting “Restrict Number of Members Users Can Add By Account Type.” The number selected reflects the total number of members allowed on the account instead of the total number of additional members that can be added. So looking at these settings, if there are 2 members already on a Membership1 account, that account can still add 1 more person, not 3. 
  • NOTE: When an account has reached their limit, members do not get deleted or deactivated, the accounts simply cannot add more members.

  • On the admin side, there is now a filter option called "# Member" to see how many members are on an account, so admin can track and enforce their limits.

Version 5.4.525


  • Email sent to members when and admin creates an account and selects the Send email to member option was sending the hashed version of the password, not the plain text version.

    Also created a basic HTML template for the email that looks like this:

Version 5.4.525


  • Major overhaul of the Reservations Events tools
  • The events admin screen now presents as a paginated table that is searchable by date, facility group and/or event name
  • You can now automatically add Reservation Events to the Events Calendar. This supports recurring events as well. Currently adding / editing / deleting an event (or de-selecting the Add to events calendar? toggle to keep the reservation event but delete the calendar event) will update the events calendar. Changing the auto-generated event from the events calendar does not change the reservation event (it’s a one-way sync from reservations calendar to events calendar) 

  • When adding a new event the start time automatically pre-fills with the current time rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. When you pick a new start time the end time is automatically updated to the start time + 15 minutes making it much quicker to enter times.

  • Breaks reservations into a separate capability which is granted to all admin roles (staff, manager, board) by default. Previously access to various parts of the reservation system was tied to other capabilities, like front desk access.

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