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Katie Handlon Admin

Member Splash Settings refers to the section of your WordPress menu pictured below. Here you'll find settings that allow you as the admin to set access limits on your site for members, set default account requirements, set up the member directory and a lot more! If you are new to Member Splash, you'll want to familiarize yourself with these Settings as they are integral part to the basic setup of your site. 

For more information about your Member Splash Settings including the Front Desk Settings and Payment Settings, please refer to these Solution articles Member Splash Settings. Member Splash Settings - Front Desk Settings and Member Splash Settings - Payment Settings

Member Splash University - Onboarding Courses and our Role Based Course are a collection of training courses organized by plan level (Basic, Essentials and Premium plans) and administrative role; Membership Chair, Front Desk Admin, Front Desk Staff, Facilities Chair, Treasurer, Social Chair and Communications Chair. Each course is comprised of lessons designed to enhance knowledge needed to operate the platform according to your role at the pool.


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Jennifer Yonkos posted about 1 month Admin

How to audit existing member #s:

For both new and existing customers, after setting your max. limits in settings, you will want to do a simple audit to remove or contact any accounts that have more than the maximum members allowed on an account. When you find an account with more members than allowed, you can ask them to upgrade to the next membership level or you can delete any members over the limit. To do so, you simply perform a few account type audits as shown below.

Go to Membership > Accounts
Select the blue Manage Filters button and select the account type you would like to audit. In this case I am auditing Bonded Couple account types. In the Choose Standard Field to Display in Results choose #Members. Hit Select Settings. You can clearly see that all of the Couple accounts with the exception of one has two members. The one account that is over the limit will need to be notified and corrected. Assuming you remove the 3rd member, they will NOT be allowed to add any additional members back now that your settings are in place. What you are doing is basically doing a one time clean up to your existing membership now that this new member limit feature is in place.

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