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Posted 11 months ago by Noam Parness

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Noam Parness

My suggestion is for a "Status message" banner that can be displayed on the login screen, (and maybe on other screens - like the "manage your account" screen), that the Front Desk staff can update from a simple interface (without needing permissions to other areas).
We have to close the pool for 30 minutes for thunder. Members want an easy way to know if there is a delay, or if we are opening late or closing early for an event. It we had this feature, the Front Desk staff could edit that message as it changes (during a storm, they keep resetting that 30-minute window each time they hear thunder), without needing to contact an Admin. Giving members a quick way to check the status - whether or not they are logged in - would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be really complicated - just a single line of visible (maybe bold and red?) text (ex: "Pool Closed until 6:08 for thunder"), with a timestamp (so members can see how recently they updated it). 

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Katie Handlon

Katie Handlon posted 5 months ago Admin

Hi , 

Our Premium plan clubs have a plugin called Ditty installed. It allows you to display a ticker, slide, or list on your site. The tickers are pretty easy to set up and will do the trick until we release our updates. Here is more information on Ditty from WP: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ditty-news-ticker/ and we've got an article on it as well: https://support.membersplash.com/support/solutions/articles/36000178083-ditty-news-ticker- 

Please send us a ticket if you run into any trouble using Ditty. 

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Jennifer Yonkos

Jennifer Yonkos posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Noam, We are trying to find a number of ways to get 'quick' messages to the members.  There are 2 general paths that I see developing. 1) an improvement to the Member Screens which can display messages to the Membership at large (i.e. member have to login to see them)  and 2) A simple way to 'push' messages to the member (email or text) . We are closer to rolling out a solution that encompasses #2 but updates to the Member Screens are also in the requirements stage  

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