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Posted 10 days by Linda Karson

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Linda Karson

Thank you for being receptive to feature requests! Here are several suggestions about Daily Guest Passes.

1. Please include the TIME of the purchase of Guest Passes on the receipt. This would be helpful if someone purchased Guest Passes on the same day, but after they had guests at the pool, so the charges were consequentially placed "on account." I looked in Authorize.net to see the transaction time but wasn't sure which time zone they use--a google search shows they are located in CA but the time stamp could be almost anywhere.

2. It would be helpful for the Unpaid Charges for each account to be viewable from the administrative login. To see them I must Switch to the member's view.

3. This may have been in another thread but allowing the members to view their own check-ins and especially guests would be great. I spend a lot of time sending them screen captures of the visits report to show the guests they have had when they question the "on account" billings.

4. There may have been cases when guest visits were placed "on account" rather than drawing from the Daily Guest Pass balance. Again, if the guest pass purchases had a time stamp, I could be sure. It would be great if guest visits would AUTOMATICALLY draw from the credits on the account rather than having the possibility of the guards putting them "on account".

5. This is a biggie--PLEASE allow the pool administrator to delete bills! I am sorry to send so many to your staff to delete but that seems to be the only way to eliminate charges that should not be on a member's account--sometimes the guards make an error (members with the same last name, for instance) or I've deducted guest passes from a balance they have on the account.

6. Please make the guest name a required field at check-in. Without it we cannot show a member who they brought to the pool.

Thanks again!

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Linda Karson posted 10 days

Looks as if the guest name is now required (thank you!) and it seems the default is to use the guest pass balance so the issues we're seeing must be due to passes being purchased after the guests check-in, but can't confirm that without a time stamp on the guest pass purchases. We have the time thatt the guests checked in. 

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