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We also recently re-designed the email that goes out to new members when an admin creates a new account and selects the 'send email to member' option. It now sends a plain text version of the username and password and provides a link to the site so new members have easy access to their new account. 

I saw this in the forum. Is it possible to create this same email to go out in bulk at the beginning of the season?  I had so many people who forgot their username so they just created a new account which of course is not connected to their registration.  It would be nice to be able to send that email with the username and password before I open up registration at the the beginnin of the season.  
Also, is it possible to be able to use two emails for point of contact? I had several members ask for that.

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Noam Parness posted 6 days

I'm not an expert in MailChimp (someone else at our pool handles the communications), but I just created a test campaign, and there is a "Merge Field" option in the editor, and I tested inputting the Account Login there. It worked for me. I hope that helps you. 

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Nora_schuller posted 6 days


I tried to do a test run of this.  I am able to run the report to get the user names but are you able to have them automatically inserted into your letter to the members or do you do that manually?

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Noam Parness posted 9 days

The "Account Login" is one of the Merge Fields that can be inserted into an email through MailChimp (though the password doesn't appear to be an available merge field). So your beginning of the season email can include something along the lines of "your login name is: [Account Login]. If you don't remember your password, you can reset it using the link just below the Login button on the main screen." 

You can also include wording elsewhere in the email asking your returning members *not* to create a new account if they can't remember their login. We instruct our members to email our HelpDesk (me) if they run into any trouble with MemberSplash. 

While the system currently only allows one Member on the account to be set as the Billing Member," your email campaigns can be set up to send to everyone on the account. That's how we're doing it currently. 

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