2022 August

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Version 5.4.553


  • Prevents users from hitting the submit button more than once on the payments screen which could cause duplicate payments;

Version 5.4.552


  • Reverts the change to the format of the CSV files that removed quotes from around the fields. Caused issues with fields that contain commas;


  • Updates the New Account Type action so that it automatically refreshes the list (instead of requiring a page reload to be able to use the new account type when adding / editing an account);
  • Added an automatic reminder email for reservations - a reminder email will be sent to the member at 3pm the day prior to their scheduled reservation. The email will contain the same custom message added to the Custom Email Message field in the facilities. The reminder email will only be sent if the "Select Email For Reservation Updates (optional)" has been checked by the member on their Make Reservations screen or by the admin on the Reservation > Calendar screen when admins make reservations for members. 

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