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As we round the corner into the end of the Summer season, we hope that you are finally able to step away from administrative duties and have some fun in the sun this month. Here, at Member Splash, we’re busy streamlining our support efforts so that our customers have the best user experience possible. If you haven’t visited our brand new Splash Forums yet, please head over to to check them out. Thank you to those who have already submitted Feature Requests and enhancements!

Login Required to Submit Support Tickets 
 Starting Monday, 8/8/22  
This coming Monday, we will require that those who wish to submit a ticket must be logged into the platform. The Submit A Ticket button on the Support page will remain in place, but it will redirect you to a login portal if clicked before logging in.
We’re requiring the login step for a few reasons - all of which will make for an improved user experience for our customers. Most importantly, the Support team will be able to provide faster service if the user is logged into the platform. The system uses the login information to connect specific contacts with their pool accounts in our customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This means that we can more quickly locate pertinent information about your club that we need in order to work on your ticket. When users are not logged into the platform, the Support team must track down information prior to testing which results in a longer wait time for our customers.
Your user experience when logged into the platform is better too! When logged in, you’ll see a button that says “View all tickets.” This allows you to access previously submitted tickets - even closed tickets. The ability to view related tickets is helpful to the Support team also because they are able to see your ticket history which aids in resolving active, open tickets when they come in. Pool admins may want to refresh their memories by viewing a ticket sent in a year ago…you can find those tickets here:
Many of you have already created an account and are familiar with logging into our platform. For those who haven’t created an account yet, it’s very easy. You’ll find the Login/Sign-up portal at the top of the new Support page. If you have not created an account yet, go ahead and create one - you’ll enter your name and email address in the portal:
If you have ever sent in a ticket to the Support team, the system has already created an account for you using the email address you used when sending in the ticket. The system created a password for you as well, but if you do not have it handy, just click the “Forgot your password?” link below our social media links to reset it. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have account, just click the Login tab and enter your credentials there and reset your password.
Later this Fall (in the October timeframe), we’ll implement another step in an effort to streamline our support efforts - we will no longer accept tickets sent to the email inbox. In the past, we’ve set the platform up so that tickets sent via that email address would be forwarded to the ticketing queue. When tickets come in via email, they often come in without necessary information about the pool/club or contact that help the Support team resolve issues quickly. The goal is to create a one-stop shop for all Support inquiries so that we can provide faster service. We’ll have more information on this step as we get closer to Fall.

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