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Posted 5 months ago by Carrie Gleeson

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Carrie Gleeson

Hi ,

Is it possible to add a preloaded amount on members accounts.  Something like a school lunch account.  Members could pre-load say $100 for the season and then when that amount runs out they could add more to the account.  I think this would eliminate a lot of headaches for some pools like ours that are having issues with snack accounts and members not paying.  

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Membership Chair posted 2 months ago

We were told this improvement would be ready for this season.  Any updates on it?

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Nora_schuller posted 5 months ago

We are looking to start registration in mid- to late February. It would be nice to have some information about this feature to be able to explain it to members.

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Jennifer Yonkos

Jennifer Yonkos posted 5 months ago Admin

HI Carrie,
 This item is one more part of our over all 'card on file' project (the ability to hold a balance and run it down).  I do not have a timeframe for the implementation but it is in the works. 

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