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Posted 24 days ago by Tony Demark

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Tony Demark

For more complex searches or being able to tag based on an external report it would be great if the Account and Member areas would have an "Import Selection" feature that would accept something akin to a CSV file, text file, or text string of account Ids and then select them for Bulk Action.

Consider the use case where I want to send a reminder to those that did not open a Mailchimp campaign email. I would export the "Not Opened" report from Mailchimp and then in Membership -> Accounts upload an Import Selection file that could be either the CSV right from Mailchimp (and have Member Splash ask which column to use for Account Ids), or a file of account ids (one per line), or a text entry field with a comma-delimited list of account ids. After the data is processed, all the accounts that were contained in the import would be selected and ready for Bulk Action. I could then add a tag to those members that could be used to create a new segment in Mailchimp.

This would also be useful for complex searches that cannot be done currently in Member Splash ... export the Accounts, do the filtering in Excel, and then "Import" the selection back into Member Splash.

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Noam Parness posted 23 days ago

I would love something like this. I currently export out the data to run custom reports in MS Access. But when I need to take action on a number of accounts based on those queries, it is a completely manual process. Being able to set tags or do other bulk actions based on a CSV import would be great.

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