If you are a Member Splash Premium customer (we provide your full website) you have the option to use your existing domain name with your new site. For example, if your current website address is sunnyhillsswimclub.com you can use that with the new site we create for you instead of using the default address which would be something like sunnyhills.membersplash.com.

There are several options for how to do this:

Member Splash Managed Domain

Your club pays a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy, for the right to use your domain name. You are responsible for renewing that registration each year and for keeping your contact information current. Because clubs are typically run by volunteers that often leads to a situation where the person who initially registered the domain name is no longer a board member or even a member of the club at all. Member Splash can assist with that by taking over management of your domain. We simply transfer it to our account (we use GoDaddy) and then we take care of paying the annual registration fee and keeping the records current.

This is an optional service and there is no additional charge for it. If you elect to have us do this you still own your domain name. If at any point you no longer wish to use Member Splash we will transfer the domain back to the registrar of your choice. Approximately 60% of our clients currently use this service. If you would like to just let us know and we will provide instructions for how to initiate the transfer with your current registrar. Or you can provide access to your current registrar account and we’ll initiate the transfer for you.

The process for transferring a domain to GoDaddy is explained here: https://www.godaddy.com/help/transfer-my-domain-to-godaddy-1592

Instructions from transferring your domain from various registrars to our account at GoDaddy are listed below.

Member Splash DNS

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are essentially the phone book of the internet. When you enter an address like Google.com in your browser that address gets looked up and the IP address of the server that hosts the site is located. The IP address, like your phone number, is simply a unique numeric address that identifies that particular server.

Member Splash maintains our own DNS servers which allows us to manage all of the entries for a club’s domain name. Suppose your club has a website provided by us but uses Google Apps to provide email. If we’re managing your DNS we can point your website traffic to our server but your email traffic to Google. If you want to add a subdomain, like swimteam.yoursite.com that points to something like a Team Unify page, we can set that up for you as well.

In order to use Member Splash DNS you simply need to update the DNS records at your registrar to point to:


If you need instructions for how to do that with your particular registrar or would like us to make the change for you just let us know.

Point an A Record

If your club is only using Member Splash for their website and prefers not to have us manage the DNS for you there is also the option to simply point your domain’s A record to our server. DNS entries contain several types of records — think of a phone book entry for a person that has their home phone, work phone, cell phone, etc. In DNS terms those records indicate where website requests should go, email requests, etc. To have your domain point to your Member Splash website but everything else continue to point to the services you currently use you can simply change the A record so that it points to the IP address of our server:

Important: If you are going to point only the A record you will want to make to let us know BEFORE you update your DNS record so that we can prepare for a seamless transition. On our end we add your current name servers' IP address to our server. That allows us to use your domain name on our server even though we aren't in charge of the records for it.