Member Splash Premium customers have the option of using our email servers with unlimited email accounts and forwarders. If your club is using this feature you can read how to manage the accounts Managing Email Accounts & Forwarders (Aliases)

When it comes to checking email accounts you have multiple options. You can use the Member Splash webmail interface; you can add the account to your device; or you can add the account to an existing account you have with Gmail, Outlook or another provider.

Webmail & Devices

Every Premium account comes enabled with webmail. To access it simply append /webmail to your club’s URL. Ex: You will be prompted to enter your email address and password. The first time you log in you will be asked to choose a default webmail client (there is only one choice, Roundcube).

If you scroll down you’ll see configuration settings. There are automatic scripts you can click on to set up an email program for you.

Member Splash email accounts are set up with an auto-discover script that allows most email programs to connect and configure themselves automatically when you add a new account and enter your email address and password.

Finally you will see manual settings. You can enter these into the email client of your choice if you can’t get it to otherwise connect.

Add an Account to an External Service

This is the approach we use internally at Member Splash. Rather than managing lots of different accounts and having to set up each one on various devices we find it easier to use a single service, like Gmail, to handle all of them. That way we only have to add the single Gmail account to each device and we can access all accounts via the Gmail web interface.

We cover how to do this with Gmail here:

You can do the same with other services as well.

Yahoo! Mail: