We ran into a couple of cases this year (2019) where clubs mis-configured forms and payment didn't go through. Rather than have the members re-fill the entire form we used Gravity Forms Sticky List to allow the clubs to send members a link to their existing submission so they could resubmit it with the payment info. The steps to do that are:

1. For the form in question go to Settings -> Sticky List and enable it. 

2. Set the URL to the page where the form appears. You can do that by picking it from the dropdown menu next to Embedd page/post or by pasting it in the Custom url field. I found it easier to just copy the link and paste it in the Custom url field. If you put anything there the Embedd page / post field gets ignored.

3. Check the box next to Enable GET requests.

4. Check the box next to Edit entries.

This is what it should look like:

Then have the club email the affected members with a link to their entry like so:  https://www.palisadespool.com/teams/dive-team/dive-team-registration-form/?mode=edit&edit_id=1670 where the URL is the link to the page where the form is displayed and the edit_id at the end is the form entry ID.