Some pools add their hours to the calendar every day.  That can add a lot of “events” that are displayed if you want to use either the widget or a shortcode to display upcoming events on your website.

Using categories can help to eliminate that.  Click on events/categories to get the following screen.  Each event can get a default color and the slug will be the attribute that you use to display only that field somewhere on the website.

This is an example of code that is displayed on the front page of a website.  To get here, we edited the page and clicked on the block that contains the calendar display.  The brackets contain a shortcode, which tells the website how to display the contents.  Here we don’t want the pool hours displayed, so note they are not included in the short code.  Also the %….% attribute will display the title of the event rather than the event title and hours.

The block on the right hand side shows how it will be displayed on the front end.  In the event calendar there are many, many events listed under the category pool-hours but they are now not displayed in the upcoming events.  Neat way to narrow down your view!

If you are interested in other ways to modify the view, you can find more documentation here: