Several of our client clubs have used forms for things like voting on a slate of proposed board members where votes should be limited to one per account. We can accomplish that by using a hidden field that is set to not allow duplicate entries and that is pre-populated with the account #.


Limit Form to Logged In Members

The first step is to make sure the form is only accessible to logged in members. Go to the form in question and then click on Form Settings. Scroll down to the section labeled Restrictions and configure it as follows — changing the message to whatever you would like non-logged in people to see.


Restrict Entries

The next step is to add a text field to your form. We’re going to pre-populate it with the account # of the logged in member and set a condition that the value must be unique. On the field’s General Settings tab check the box labeled No Duplicates.


Next click on the Appearance tab and make the field read only (not editable by the member) like so:


Finally click on the Advanced tab and configure it as shown: 


We’re doing three things here:

  1. Making the field hidden — it won’t display to the member filling out the form;
  2. Allowing it to be pre-filled when the form is loaded;
  3. Specifying what value to pre-fill it with. In this case the member splash acct #;

The end result is that if my account number is 142 and I complete and submit the form there will now be an entry with that acct #. If someone else in my family tried to submit the form a second time the entry would be rejected because our account id is already associated with an entry.