If you are using a form to collect online payments you may want to pass along a service fee. Online credit and debit card payments incur a fee of 2.9% of the total plus an additional flat $.30 per transaction. 


Ex: $100 charge * 2.9% = $2.90 + $.30 = $3.20 Online processing fee



It’s important to understand that the 2.9% is charged on the total amount you collect, including the processing fee itself, meaning that you can’t simply add $3.20 to the price in the example above. If you did that you would get:


$103.20 * 2.9% = $2.99 + $.30 = $3.29 fee — you would net $99.91



To correctly calculate the fee we use the following formula:


[(Sub-total + .3) / .971]  -  Sub-total    or      (( {subtotal} + .3)/ .971) - {subtotal}



Adding the Calculated Fee to Your Form

If your form collects payment for more than one item, for example a party reservation form that charges a fee for the reservation plus an additional amount per guest, you will need to add a Subtotal field to your form. You will find that under the Pricing Fields block of form fields.


Next you add the online processing fee as an additional item on your form using a product field, also from the Pricing Fields block. In the field settings choose Calculation as the field type; check the box to Disable Quantity; and check the box to make the field Required. Then enter the formula using the Merge Tag select menu to insert the form subtotal as shown here: 


Finally you will need to add a Total field, again from the Pricing Fields block. Here is an example of what a form that is set up to pass on the online processing fee might look like. 

Passing a Fixed Percentage Fee

To charge a fixed percentage fee you can use the Tax field type found under Pricing Fields as shown: