Member Splash Premium provides two ways to handle online reservations: via our form tool and via a full reservation add-on. For most use cases the form tool is more than capable. For more advanced use cases, such as handling reservations for multiple tennis courts with date and time restrictions, etc., the booking calendar is needed. In this tutorial we cover how to set up a facility reservation form that supports all of the following:


  • Requires members to be logged in to access the form or view a list of days / times that are already reserved;
  • Allow for mulltiple reservations from a single form entry;
  • Supports reservations for multiple facilities;
  • Requires a deposit if a clubhouse is being rented but not for other facilities;
  • Allows members to view a list of reserved dates and times but not the details;
  • Requires payment of any fees prior to the reservation being confirmed;


This is a fairly complex example intended to show how much can be done with the form tool. Your use case may vary and you can simply skip the things that aren’t applicable. The end result is a form that looks like this:


Tools Used

In addition to the form tool itself Member Splash includes a large number of add-ons that provide additional functionality. To create this form we use:


  • Gravity Forms: The main forms tool. Documentation
  • Gravity Forms Sticky List: Add-on that allows displaying form entries on your site (with loads of options). Documentation
  • Gravity Forms Nested Forms: Add-on that allows the use of one form as a repeating block of fields in another form. Documentation