If you would like to add multiple children to a swim team signup or to a swim lessons form, the nest feature will be invaluable.  You have the ability to turn on Gravity Perks and will find GP Nested Forms there.  Click on it and Activate 


You will need two files:

  • A Parent form which will house the nested forms capacity
  • A Child form which will have the entries needed to fill out the form on the parent.  Add all of those fields and save.


In the parent form, click on advanced and choose nested form:


In the nested form field, click on it to edit and note that there is a dropdown for the Child form.  And there is now a field for you to tell this form which of the elements from the child form you want to show.  Click on each you and and they will turn grey. 


Your form will now have an entry area for multiple entries: 


If you want to include totals like swim team fees, swim cap fees you add a product at the end of your form, set it as a calculated field, disable the quantity and add this line:


{:1:total} where 1=the nested field id


To get the field id, hover over the nested field element and at the top you will see the id