Once you receive a check from your member, you’ll want to record that check in the customer’s account.  Click on the Payments tab and then go to View Orders. 


This will give you a list of all the orders that have been completed through the Member Splash system.  You may search for a specific order using the Search buttons at the top, or you may refine your search by date range or payment status. Hovering over any of the blue column headers within the table will allow you to sort by that field.


Orders that have been paid by check will display as Pending, in a bright yellow box.  To reconcile those check payments, hover over the Order # until a “View Order” option appears.


Click on the View Order button to bring up details of that order. 


Verify that the details of the order match the check received.  Enter the Name on Check and Check Numberfields and click Record Payment.   A green banner at the bottom of the screen will advise you that your payment recording was successful, and you will be redirected to the Orders list screen to record additional checks.  The member’s account will immediately be updated to show as Paid.