There are times when you will need to refund a credit or debit card payment.  Your account has the capability for you to process a refund. Keep in mind, the initial transaction fees of $.30 is not refunded. If, for example, you refunded a $500 payment the only cost to the club is $.30.

To issue a refund, begin by logging into your account.


Click on transaction search.  If you know the exact date you can put that in.  If you need to search you can fill in the from and to dates by clicking and then choosing the dates from the dropdowns.

When you identify your transaction, click on the number highlighted below: 



You can fill out the description for the refund and click ok: 



The transaction confirmation screen will come up.  Click close and you have refunded the transaction. 


If you want to delete the corresponding transaction in Member Splash, contact our Support Center with the order number.  If this is for a dues payment, make sure to set the account to unpaid or the member if a member payment.