Many pools have found it easier not to handle cash at the pool at all.  They have chosen to allow their membership to put their front desk guest credits on account or have their snack bars fully enabled to stop taking cash.  These are the steps which will allow you to create bills for your membership to pay these on account orders.

Guest passes can be placed on account and so can items in your snack bar.  In both places, you can see the orders which were placed.

In the dashboard is where you'll create or view bills no matter where they originated

Snack Bar Orders (Point of Sale):

In Point of Sale, click orders.  Choose a time frame you want to see and click on get orders.  If you want to see a payment status, you can choose that or choose all.  You may also choose to further segment your view by looking at an account number or name in particular:

If you need to modify or delete a particular order you can do so from this screen.

If you want to have a report, you can click download csv.

Guest Passes (Dashboard):

To view orders, click on orders.  This will show you the orders for guest passes only.

Create or View Bills (Dashboard):

To create bills, click on the dashboard.  Click on create bills.  Choose the time frame you want to use.  Most pools will use a monthly statement.  So for May, choose May 31 and all the orders up to May 31 will be consolidated into one bill.  Click on Get Bills.

You can view the entire list at once and send to it, or decide which names/accounts you want to send to.  Once you have a list, click on Send Bills.  All bills will be sent to your members' emails on file.  They will get a link to the payments tab to pay their bill:

To view bills, click on view bills. Choose the time frame you want to see the bills for.  You can click on the payment status and sort.  As members pay their bills, you will see the date the bill was created, sent and paid.

Members can make payments on these open bills by following these instructions.