Clubs often update their prices each year and want to ensure that members aren’t able to log in and renew for the upcoming season at the old rates. Member Splash makes it easy to control this by simply changing the Status of the product. Only products with their status set to Published will be displayed to members. To keep a product but make it inaccessible simply change the status to Draft.


In the admin dashboard navigate to the Products menu. This will bring up a list of all of the things your club charges a fee for — dues, bonds, guest fees, etc.


When you hover over any item in the list of products you will see options to Edit, Quick Edit, Trash or View the product.


Selecting Edit will open up the full editor, where you can change the price, rules, manage discounts, etc. For changing the status you can use Quick Edit — this lets you change the status without leaving the list of products or needing to refresh the screen, which in turn makes it very quick to update multiple products.


When you click on Quick Edit you’ll see several options, one of which is the status. Simply change it from Published to Draft (or vice versa) and then hit the blue Update button.