Follow the steps below to create payment reports filtered by fee type in order to reconcile payments in your accounting software (such as Quickbooks). 

The Transactions Report only displays charges that are complete, no pending or unpaid charges appear on this report.

  1. Go to the WordPress menu on the left side of your screen

  2.  In the Reports & Exports menu, click on the Transactions Report menu item.

  3. On the next screen you’ll see a list of all payments, organized by date. Use the filtering tools at the top of the screen to specify the criteria you need for your report. For example, set the date range to the last 7 days if you reconcile your accounting weekly.

Filter by Guest Fees in order to see the revenue collected for just that fee type in the date range you specify. You can then simply add that lump sum in your accounting software, rather than enter each individual guest credit purchased, since that information is already tracked in Member Splash.

Please note: The column heading CATAGORY is used to display

  • the Fee types for Products 

  • the Category for your Point Of Sale items.