When an applicant to your club completes the Wait List application form on your website, a Member Splash account is automatically created for them.  The account type will be Waitlist, and they will be placed chronologically at the bottom of the list, behind other applicants who have previously been on the list.


When you are ready to offer membership to the applicant, complete the following steps.


1.Starting with the first applicant on the list, click Edit Account and change the account type to Offered Membership.  Click Submit.


2. Email the applicant to let them know that their membership has been approved.  You might want to use the provided sample as the basis of your email. It uses merge tags which get replaced with actual member data. The format for merge tags is *|TAG|*.   When the new member logs in to their account, they will be prompted to complete their profile by adding additional family members, emergency contact information, email addresses, phone numbers, member photos and children’s birthdates.  Once they have completed their profile, they will move to the Payment screen, where they will be required to pay any fees your club has that are applicable to new members, such as Bond Fees, Initiation Fees, Capital Improvement Fees, etc.) and the membership fees for their new account type.  They may also elect to pay for other products your club offers, such as seasonal House Guests, Babysitters or booklets of guest passes. 


Upon payment of their required fees, the applicant’s account type will automatically be changed from Offered Membership to their requested account type.  The account will be considered active, paid and up to date.