Payment settings is where you set many of the settings to ensure proper payments.

1. Payment Settings

On this tab you set:

  • unpaid warning message
  • unpaid warning account types
  • credit card gateway
  • live or test mode
  • API
  • Transaction ID

We recommend you leave the unpaid warning message at yes and all account types checked.  The front desk will see these warnings and will be able to flag members whose accounts remain unpaid.

We no longer support Paypal and it will soon be removed. is set up for you when you come on board and your credentials are set in place.

2. Check Settings

If you choose to accept checks, click the box and add the address for them.

3. Fees & Conditions

If you want to pass the online fee along to your members you can check the boxes for online service fee and automatic online service fee.  If you would like to have a terms and conditions page as a part of your payment process you can choose a URL or one of the pages on your site.

4. Offline Payments

And admin can create offline payments of any product on the site.  This is handy in the case of a member not having access to a computer or someone who has walked a payment into a front office. This screen sets up how you bring up your members in the search to apply a payment to them:

5. Receipt Settings

If you wish to have a receipt sent to an email for every transaction on the website, you can add an email here: