Here are the process flow steps that may help clarify the house guest process.  This is of course a standard set up, with no interventions or special circumstances. 

  • You are limited to 1 house guest product. What this means is that if you set up a House Guest product a called "Grand Parent" for $100, you can use it as many times as you want. And thus put all 4 of your child's grandparent on the account. HOWEVER you can not build a second product called "Nanny" for $150.  
  • The pool admin sets up a product & fee type using the house guest pricing module.  (see below)
  • The member adds a "houseguest" to their account by going to their account, then going to the payment section.
  • Then the member finds the house guest product (typically just below the guest passes) & types in the house guest name into the provided fields. 
  • The member then proceeds to the payment page and pays for the house guest. 
  • The "house guest" member is added to the account. 
  • At the end of your season the  "house guest" member is removed from the account. 
  •  The "end of your season" is based on the dates you set up in your Member Splash Settings  (Member Splash Settings - Member Splash Settings)

The Set Up

Set up the Fee Type: 

The Fee Type for the House Guest is a very specials fee type. This fee type is the ONLY fee type that will add the house guest to the account and then remove it at the end of the season.  

The NAME of the Fee Type is not important, you can call it anything you want. As you can see from the highlighted names below most clubs like to change the name of the fee type so that the members can more easily identify it. However what IS IMPORTANT is the "slug". IT MUST BE "house-guest-fee".  Not other slug will add the person tot he account or remove them. See the red circles below. Again you get ONLY 1 of these fee types.  

NAME OF THE FEE TYPE                                                                                                                        THE SLUG 




Set up the Product:

Now it is time to set up the product. 

To set up the product for a house guest that is automatically removed at the end of the season use the following steps. Please note only 1 house guest product can be used at a time.

1. Add the product by selections Products>> add new>> 

2. Add a Title & Description and be sure to select the house guest fee type.    

3. Scroll down the list of pricing options until you get to the "House Guest options" (no other pricing option should be selected)  Add in the price you wish to charge. 

4. If you want the member to be able to add several House Guest to the account (for example I may want to add both grand parents tot he account at $100 each), you can check the "Allow Multiple". This allows you to add Grandma and grandpa to the account.  

5. Be sure to select which account types can purchase the House guest and any other restrictions using the  Show / Hide / Require Rules

Now the House Guest Product is complete.

1. The members will be presented with this option when they go to pay. They are asked to add the First Name and the Last name.  Depending on what you have called the fee type and the product it will display differently. 

2. The Member simply needs to fill in the name and the system will add it to their account when they have paid. 

3. This member will be removed at the end of the season (the end of the season being the date your club has entered into the Members Splash Setting as the end day for your club)