WordPress is the content management system for your site. It is an industry standard for building and maintaining websites. There are thousands of guides, tutorials, videos, available to help you maintain you site after it is launched.  Take some time  to do a web search and find the tutorials that work best and speak to you.  

Here are a few that we have found that work for your needs. 

A comprehensive user guide for WordPress itself. Can be downloaded as a PDF and (for a fee) branded.


All of our sites are built using the Enfold theme. The official documentation for it is here: https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/ 

Adding a New Page

 In order to create content, you add pages and content to those pages:

You can add new inside pages or from the menu above:

Add a title and click on the Advanced Layout Editor:

The Layout Elements section allows you to divide the screen up in segments.  The Content Elements tab allows you to add blocks to your layout elements which are designed to do particular functions.

This is the official Enfold Documentation: