If you want to total up the products a member will purchase on a form, you need to use product fields.  The product field is very versatile so you can use:

  • single product
  • dropdown
  • radio buttons
  • user defined price
  • hidden
  • calculation

There are also choices in the forms creation to simply use radio buttons within the form - not as products.  These are very good for choices such as member/non member.  But they can't be used for products as they won't total up the amount owed.  So make sure when you want to have a member PAY for something to use the product.

Single Choice of Products

We will create a product with a single price:

In the pricing fields dropdowns on the right hand side, choose product and drag it where you want it:

And on the front end the member sees:

* If you don't want the member to be able to purchase multiples, disable the quantity field.

Multiple Choices of Products

If the product the member is purchasing has a few options you can use the radio button choice:

By using the product fields, when a member chooses an option to purchase one of those items, they will be properly totaled for checkout and can be paid for.