Beginning in Summer 2021 new clients can set up a Mailchimp account that meets their needs and connect it to Member Splash.  MailChimp has several pricing plans to meet any clubs needs. Most of our clubs find that the free plan is all that is required to communicate to their members. 

1. Go to and sign up for a MailChimp account (if you do not already have one).  You will need your MailChimp API Key from your account to complete the Member Splash set up. 

2. Go to your WordPress menu. Select MailChimp Emails then MailChimp Options

3.  Once there the screen will look like this: 

4. Click the submit button.  

5.  Then go to MailChimp Emails then List Management and sync the merge tags and users. 

6.  You sync the merge tags by dragging the available ones from INACTIVE up to the ACTIVE section as seen in the screenshot below. *Be certain to add any tags to the sync

7. Once all of the items you want are in the active area Select the BATCH UPDATE drop down and click " Member" (as the user role  


8. Then click the button in the Yellow Mail Chimp box (Select a Default MailChimp Email List)