The Visits Report can be used to track both guests and members visits to your pool. It's useful for planning, determining staffing needs and in the time of Covid, can be your solution to Contact Tracing!

Reviewing, Using & Downloading the Visits Report  

The Visits Report  is can be used to track guests and members visits to your pool. 

The system provides information on the following: (PLEASE NOTE: If the front desk staff does not enter the name of the guest, then none will be recorded. )

  • Date  
  • Time 
  • Account #, 
  • Name, 
  • The type of member (member or guest) 
  • and the credits used if any. 

To View & Download the report:  

  • Click on Visits.
  • Select the Date Range you want to view 
  • If using the filter, select your criteria (most clubs do not filter here, they pull only for date range to get the most information)
  • Click the "ROWS PER PAGE" drop down and set to ALL. This will download all of the records (not just the records displayed on the screen)  
  • Click the DOWNLOAD CSV button. 
  • This file (visits.csv) will download to your computer.

  • With the file (visits.csv) download to your computer you can now review and manipulate the data to suit your needs. 
  • Most clubs use excel, from here you can Filter, Sort or even put the data into a Pivot table.