Member Splash includes a point of sale system designed to handle club concessions. It is included as part of all Essentials and Premium plans. You access it via the main Member Splash dashboard.

Setting up items for sale (Pool Admin) 

The settings in the Point of Sale (POS) system are found by clicking on Point of Sale and click on the tool bar to the right:


From here you can establish Item Categories which can be used to identify the types of items sold. 

Example of categories: Food and Drink, Classes, Tennis Pro Shop. 


Selecting Add Item from that same menu allows you to populate the POS system with the products, prices, and categories for your snack bar. Note! Don't forget to select the "Publish" button before leaving this screen. Example:

Once you have populated Point of Sale items, they will appear on the POS "menu" of available items for purchase. 

Point of Sale Settings 

The first thing you need to do before using Point of Sale is configure the settings. They are only accessible to users with Board level access. If you go to Point of Sale -> New Order you will see the settings button at the top left of the menu bar.

The next step in this process is to view/modify your POS settings. Settings which can be configured include:


  1. Payment Options
  2. Default Payment Option
  3. Employee Discount
  4. Credit Card Fees (if enabled)
  5. Printing

The basic setup is quick and easy, set the items below accoring to your clubs needs and you will be ready to go!