Membership Account Screens

1. Membership Account data is now on the Dashboard for easier access.

2. Membership Reports are integrated into the Membership Account screen so you can review and download the reports quickly. 

3. Membership Reports have been upgraded to include: 

    a) Previously unavailable standard fields. 

    b) Your customized fields (such as legacy account number or bond amount due).  

    c) Account Tags. 

4. Filters for the Membership Reports can now be saved for long-term needs. 

Instructions for accessing the Membership Account Screens & Reports

1. Go to your Members Splash Dashboard Screen.  You will see a new Membership drop down.
2. Click Membership>>Accounts




3. The following screen will appear.

4. From here you can use the drop-downs to the left to filter using the old method. 

5. The Manager Filters button contains the new reporting features. Click here to use the new reports & filters.



Instructions for using the Membership Account Reports & Filters

1. Select the Manager Filters button.  The following screen will appear. 

2. From this screen you can select the fields that best suit your needs.  You can save any filter that your build for later use. 

3. Select your fields and save the filter using the Create New Filter.

4. Once saved you can update or delete the filter as your needs change using the buttons on the top right. 



 Instructions for downloading your report 

1.  Click the Box at the top of the screen to Select all of the records on the page.

2. This will bring up the option to select every record, (not just the first 25) 

      “All 25 records on this page are selected. Select all 34 records “

3. Click the link that says “Select all 34 records”.  

4.  The screen will confirm you are selecting all records. 

      “All 726 records are selected. Clear selection” 

5. Click the DOWNLOAD CSV Button.

6. Your report will download as normal.