Adding the Custom Field to the Account. 

Log into the Dash Board and go to Membership>> Accounts. On the lefthand side you will see a 'Setting' button, click it.  

You will be taken to the 'customization screen', here you can add customer Fields, tags, account types and Member types. This tutorial will ONLY cover custom fields.  

Click the dropdown and begin to add the name of your custom fields. The example below contains 4 fields to track bonds and their status. 

Entering the data into the custom fields

You can now enter the data you need to track in the account screen. 

Scroll down to the Additional Field section and enter the data that you need. (in this case we can saying recording the bond #, if the bond able to be transferred or not, and what the value of the bond it at the time of entry. 

Extracting the data from custom fields 

(PLEASE NOTE, at this time customer fields added after initial import are not yet available)  

Go to your Mange Filter screens  & set up the filter to contain the information you want to see. 

Save the filter so that you can re-use it. (this one is saved as "bond filter report). The data will appear on the screen. Should you wish to download it you can like on the "download to CSV" button.