Member Splash allows you to look up members by last name, account number, street address, or via barcode scanning. Fields available for member lookup at your club depend on the options you selected under Member Splash Settings -> Front Desk Options.

(NOTE: Member data is loaded from the server when you first load the check-in screen and once every hour thereafter. Once downloaded it is stored locally. While this greatly speeds up the check-in system it means that the data at the front desk might not reflect very recent changes. For example, if a member purchases guest credits online and then shows up at the pool 15 minutes later those credits might not be reflected on their account. You can reload the member data at any time by simply refreshing the page in your browser.)


If you intend to use barcodes make sure that you have checked that option under Member Splash Settings -> Front Desk Options. You'll see Barcode listed as one of the fields you can use to look up members.

When barcode scanning is enabled it becomes the default Search Field on the check-in screen. You can switch to any other enabled search option, such as last name, in case a member doesn't have their card but after each check-in it will revert back to barcode.

To use custom barcodes (ones generated outside of Member Splash) go Member Splash Settings -> Front Desk Settings and click the Custom Codes radio Button.   Then to Membership -> Accounts, select an account and then click on the member(s) to add or edit the barcode. If the custom barcode option is enabled they will see a barcode field.

IMPORTANT: In order for a barcode scan to work the Search Term field MUST be active. You can easily tell as it will be highlighted in blue. The field is automatically selected when you load the check-in screen and after you complete each check-in. If you click elsewhere on the screen and it loses focus you will need to click back in that field before you can start scanning again.