Board Level Access should  NOT be set-up on the members account, but should have its own (separate) access from the membership account. 

This article will make you aware of the larger implications and future issues that you will very likely have if you give board level access to via a members account. 

There are 2 ways to grant a person on your board access to the system

1. You can establish a new user names and password with board level access via these instructions

This is the recommended way to do this.

2. You can (but we do NOT recommend it)  'give board level access via the membership account'.   You can see these clearly as there format is  "Acct: NAME".   As you can see from this example, someone has changed Jane Jetsons member account to have Board access.  This can have 2 really bad consequences. 

(A member account that has been set up this way looks like this highlight of Janes account. This is the view from the Admin - Add User Screens it says Acct: Jetson) 

 a. Since this is really her membership account and thus can be used by the kids/husband/nanny (to make guest pass purchases, pay a bill, rent a pavilion etc. ) all of the family now has WRITE LEVEL ACCESS to your data. Thus Judy, Elroy and Astro now have access to your data!  (view from the admin screens) 

b. When Jane leaves the board  the next Pool Admin will need to take away her board level access.  However he/she will not know this process or have read this document.  What will happen (and has)  is that the new pool admin goes to the admins screens and archives her account (not her access).  Thus deactivating her entire account with all of her family on it.  

THE SOLUTION:  When you come across accounts that have been given board access via the membership account you must correctly undo this access so the account is not damaged or incorrectly deactivated. 

1. Find the membership account of the board member and go into edit. 

2. Under the User Role click the dropdown and change it back to "member"

3. Click submit to save the correct role. 

4. Now go back to the User Admins Screen and setup a new access for this board member. These directions are at  Admin Drop Down Screens