Below is a summary of child menus on the Member Splash Menu Bar. There are links to the Solutions Pages Category's as well as the individual articles. 

Dashboard - Displays an overview of your account types, and counts on paid, unpaid and pending status. 

Admin  -  Provides you access to set up and modify your administrative level personnel.

  •    Users
  •    User Roles

Membership - Displays your accounts. Allows you to edit both the Account and the Members on your account. 

  •    Accounts
  •    Members
  •    Accounts Notes

Front Desk - This is the main access for your front desk staff to check in members. 

  •    Checkin 
  •    Photos
  •    Visits

Reservations - Contains the full compliment of tools to establish your faculties and take reservations.

  •     Facilities
  •     Reservations
  •     Calendar
  •     Programs and Events  

Point Of Sale - Allows access to sell items from your snack bar & front desk.

  •     New Order
  •     View orders

Bills - Works with Point of Sale to compile bills if you allow your members to bill items to account. 

  •    Guest Pass Orders 
  •    Create Bills 
  •    View Bills