Overview  - Please refer the overview article under Flat Rate Pricing. 

Guest Pass Packs / Booklets 

In this example we are walking thru a Guest Pass Pack that gives the buyer a book of 10.

Select Products>> Add New>> 

1.  Fill in the name (as it appears on the the members bill), the Description and be sure to select a Fee Type. You will want to add a new fee type for this product, in this example it is called 'Guest Fee'. See the full instructions for adding a fee type here

2. Scroll Down>> You will see the box for 'Flat Rate Pricing'    

Here is where you would set the price the the entire book, in our case a book of 10. 

4. Next Scroll tp Guest Pass Options and enter the number of passes for the booklet (here we should just give the person 10, however we have decided to give them an extra pass for purchasing ahead of time and not causing a line at the check-in desk) 

5. Then you can decide to allow your members to buy multiple books by adding a quantity. 

6. Now scroll down to the "Show / Hide / Require Rules".  Here you can decide which account types get to purchase this item.  Most clubs let everyone purchased guest passes anytime they want. Please see the full article on Show / Hide / Require Rules.


7. The payment screen will display the books on the page and even allow the member to select the nuber of book they can buy Invoice display is below for the user defined pricing is below.  It allows me to enter any amount that I wish to donate.  

 8. The invoice will display the total cost of $100 for the 2 books like this 

9. Lastly the passes will appear on the members account tlike this: