Clubs occasionally have the need to apply a one-off charge or credit to one or more accounts. A typical use case is a club starting their first year of service with Member Splash with accounts that owe prior balances. Member Splash has a flexible account balance / credit product that lets you add an account balance with optional descriptions to t he invoice. 

Members can be charged / credited automatically when the member makes their next payment and will automatically be removed from the account once applied.

The account balance or credits product works by selecting an account custom field where the balance owed or credit due amount is stored. 

The club can create a new field to use for the amount to be charged / credited and can name it anything they like, ex: Account Balance for a generic amount due or Volunteer Credit if the club is offering back a credit for members who volunteered the previous season.

The description field is optional. If used the contents of that field will be displayed on the payments screen alongside the amount being charged or credited.

An Account Balance or Credit field will display just like any other product with a checkbox next to it that the member has to select to pay the amount due or apply the credit. You can change that behavior and make the amount be automatically applied to the order by doing one of the following:

By Fee Type

Set the Fee Type to Account Balance   (users can also use Balance Due or Credit, see note below)

NOTE: We used to use the fee type account-balance to make the product required. That continues to be supported but it is not created by default. Using Balance Due and Credit as the fee types makes it more clear to the members.

By Product Rules

As with any product you can use the Show / Hide / Require rules to make it required based on conditions like Account Type and Payment Status. In this example we're requiring it if the Account Type is Full Member and the account Payment Status is unpaid. That has the effect of applying the balance / credit to the first payment the member makes this year.

Upon receipt of payment the account fields used to track the balance / credit and (optionally) description are cleared out. The fields themselves are not deleted as other accounts may still be using them.

To add the Account Balance (debit or credit) go to the account and update the needed fields. (NOTE:  do not use '$' when filling in the amount)  

Please note:

The account balance field does NOT 'calculate' a members balance. All it does is take the "balance" that you (the admin) say is due to the club and puts it on the invoice. (it works for credits as well) 

The account balance field is used for one-time credits and debits, typically put on the invoice with the yearly dues and at no other time. (i.e. we tell clubs to only apply the account balance product on an 'unpaid' accounts, this way it applies on the yearly dues and you don't have a situation in which the credit is bigger then what is being billed)   
The reason why we tell clubs to put these on "unpaid" accounts is that if the credit is apply after the dues are 'paid' the member has a good chance of losing the bulk of his credit.  

Here is an example.  Lets say you give a member a -200 credit  (for volunteering at the new member welcome nights). The -200  it will stay on his account until he goes to pay for something at the club.   He then decides that he wants to have a party and the rental is $50.00.  The system adds the -$200 + $50 = -$150.   However the system again does not calculate balances, it simply goes back and deletes the entire account balance from the members account.   In effect the member will loss that -150,  unless the pool admins keeps track of it and put it back on the account.