Reservations - Setting limits on your Group Facilities

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Facility Groups. Facility Groups is a collective of facilities. For example, if you have six lap lanes and allow each member to make a single reservation per day you can now create a Lap Lanes group, define the individual lanes, and apply reservation restrictions that apply to all lanes regardless of which one a member selects.

With the release of Version 2 the limits on your facilities are now placed at the group level. They follow the same form an functions but now will apply to all the Facilities in the group. 

For this example we’re going to set up a reservation calendar for the lap lanes.  We want to restrict the member to one visit per day.  In addition, because we have so many people that want to swim laps we need to further restrict the lanes to just 3 visits per week per person. 

Group Rules 

Reservation Periods

This controls how far in advance a reservation may be made. In the screenshot above we have it set to 4 days.  This means that the member can only book as reservations 4 days in advance. Reservation periods work on a rolling basis. It is subject to the Default Schedule (see below)

Reservation Limits 

This controls how many reservations can be made by an Account (typically a family) or by the individual Members. The system has been built with the flexibility to do limits per day and/or per week.  We recommend that you do not make these limits over-complex.  In the above example a member is limited to 1 lap lane per day, and 3 for the entire week (the week being predefined as Sunday to Saturday)

Default Schedule 

In the screenshot above we're saying that reservations can only be made for May 5th May 31st. Setting a default schedule that is Short is recommend when starting out. It is best to start with just a few weeks and see how your members use the schedule, rather than building something for the entire summer and having to change it multiple times. 

Once the end date is reached you can build another facility or just update the schedule to something more appropriate to your clubs needs. 

In this example I have decide that he schedule works and would like to repeat it. All I have to do is hit the "clone" button

Filling in the dates, Click the Add Button..

...and the schedule has been extended for June:

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