Using the 15 minutes time slots.

Timeslots Enabled - allows you to break your reservations block (however long) into 15 minutes increments so that members can select their own times. This is great for Party reservations, Lap lanes and tennis courts. 

Single Account Per Time Slot - allows you to limit the available time slot to just people in the same family. This is very handy for lap lane swimmers or families that are reserving a lane for a swim lessons for their children. It is also useful for tennis court reservations. 

The calendar looks like this:

Using the entire Reservation Clock  (no 15 minutes time slots) 

Timeslots  Enabled -  Deselecting this feature allows you to require everyone to reserve a spot for the entire reservation block (however long).  There are no 15 minutes increments AND members cannot select their own times. This is great for Open Swim or time internals when you want to clear out the facility for cleaning.  


These block look like this: