PLEASE NOTE: The front desk staff will still need to follow the standard checkin procedure when checking in guests and collecting guest fees at the front desk. This feature will NOT automatically collect guest fees. Guest names will need to be entered in the checkin screen so that they will display on the Visits report. Instructions for checking in guests are here: Guest Checkin - Using Existing Credits and Guest Checkin - Purchasing Credits 

Adding guests to your reservations is now possible. 

1. To do so, start by enabling the Allow Guests option on either your Facility or Facility Group. If you plan to allow guests on all facilities, it's easier to enable guests reservations at the facility group level. 


2. Once enabling the rule, a field will appear asking you the maximum number of guests you want to allow on your reservation - meaning a reservation can have anywhere from 0 to the number you insert. 

NOTE: The system will use the Facility rules first, if there are none it will use the Facility Group rules. 

3.  When you have this feature enabled and a Member goes to make a reservation, or an Admin makes a reservation -the Select Guests dropdown will appear

NOTE: This dropdown only appears when you have the Allow Guests rule enabled

4. After selecting how many guests your Member would like to bring with them, enter the names of the guests you intend to bring. Hit the 'Enter' key after typing the name of your guest to save the guest's name on the reservation. 

NOTE: You must enter in the same number of guests as you have selected in the Select Guests drop down

When you have entered the correct amount of guests, the field will disable and you can no longer enter any more names. 

When you confirm your reservation, you will see your guests in the Reservation Confirmation

When a Member goes to manage their reservation, they will also see their guests listed in the reservation

From the manage screen, a Member can remove their guests, but in order to add more they must make a new reservation. 

As an Admin, when you go to check in a member with a reservation, you will see the amount of guests expected to arrive during their reservation.