Step 1: Create Free/Paid Mailchimp account or use an existing account

Step 2: Syncing Mailchimp and Member Splash data

Generate a Mailchimp API Key SEE VIDEO

  • Login to Mailchimp

  • Go to Account/Extras/API Keys (located by clicking the icon in the lower left hand part of your screen)

  • Click the "Create a Key" button and Mailchimp will generate an API key which you will be adding to your Member Splash website settings

Add your Mailchimp API key to Member Splash SEE VIDEO 

  • Login to your website Admin dashboard

  • Go to Mailchimp Emails/Mailchimp Options

  • Copy the API key (from Mailchimp) and paste into the (Member Splash) Mailchimp API Key field

  • Select the Default Mailing List and hit Submit

Sync your Member Splash merge tags SEE VIDEO 

  • Go to Mailchimp Emails/List Management 

  • Move ALL merge tag fields from the Inactive panel (gray boxes) to the Active panel (green boxes)

  • Select User Role: Member

  • Click the Sync Now button

Your system is now syncing all member data from Member Splash over to Mailchimp. You are almost ready to send your first email!

Step3: Send your first segmented email to your members in Mailchimp

Create a Segment

Create an Email Template

Create an Email (Campaign)

****Make sure that you always test your email before sending to your membership!