The system does not allow pool admins to delete orders or bills. 

If an error happens Member Splash can delete them, here are the steps: 

1.  Make sure the Club's impacted staff is aware of the deletion, like the treasurer. 

2.  Make any underlying changes to the account that would have been triggers by the order (or bill)  that you want us to delete.

(When a club sends a delete request, Pool Admins have often already made the changes to the account to correct the overall issue  and just want the order or bill out of the system.) 

A typical example is deleting an accidental duplicate order for Front Desk Guest credits. The admin goes in and removes  X credits from the account.  Another example is the member paid for a Senior membership but needs the Family Membership. The pool admins needs to issue the credit for the wrong order and reset the member to unpaid so that he can be billed correctly. Each scenario is different so it is wise to the review the entire account if you are unsure.) 

3.  After that is done send us a request with the subject line 'Delete Order' and the following information: 
Account #: 
Order #:
Bill id #:    NOTE: some orders roll up to a bill. If your order is attached to a bill you need to fill out these parts. 
a)  Include the amount you want the bill to be after the order is deleted OR 
b) If it's the last order on the bill, let us know to delete the bill complete from the system. Leaving "orphaned bills" can cause display issues for your members.

4. Once the order or bill has been deleted it cannot be restored