Nested Forms (decoupling a parent / child form)

Modified on Thu, 05 May 2022 at 11:56 AM

Our development team did full review into nested forms and the conclusion is that the recent update to the plugin that caused it to stop working has made it unstable and incompatible with the other components of forms employed on the global system. 

Plugins are wonderful for being able to quickly add functionality but the drawback is that we're using 3rd party code that we're not in control of. Despite extensively vetting any plugin we use, the bottom line is if there are updates that render it unstable, inconsistent or untrustworthy on our sites then it jeopardizes the integrity of our platform.

This is all to say that it's our strong recommendation to edit the form to remove the child component, which will mean parents will need to fill out one form per child in many cases.  We call this the  '1 child = 1 form' concept.  The basic concept  is simple. You just put the fields from the child form on the parent form and use 1 form total. 

1. Identify all of the fields on your Child form. Most clubs only have few fields and in this example we only have the Child Name and age. 

2. Go to your parent form and identify the area where you placed the Nested form. 

3. Remove the field for the nested form by clicking the 'garbage can'.  

4. Go to "Add Fields" and drop in the Name and Age, changing the descriptions as needed 

5. Remember to save your for form this allow 1 child to sign up. 


6. While we recommend the '1 child = 1 form' concept.   You can duplicate these fields so that parents  add more than 1 child to the form.  (Please see the 'advanced set up'  below to bill for more than one child.) 

7. Just update the description and adjust any size needs. 

Advanced Setup - allowing all children to be paid for at one time. 

1. If you would like to have your member pay for all the children on just 1 form you can add a product to the form which allows the calculation of the fees based on the number selected. 

2. Add a product to the form and be sure to select "radio buttons" from the drop down. 

3. Click Edit Choices, add in the number of swimmer and the cost.  

4. When the member gets to the payment page they just need to select the correct number of children they need to pay for using the radio buttons. 

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