Our Entry Level Class Videos  (Plan Level Classes) 

These training video's can be found at: https://membersplash.com/mso

We have them set up by plan level. These entry level classes are for the new board member or anyone who is coming to the system with little to no experience with the system. 

This video series will take you from Member Splash novice to expert in no time.  This training course has been designed to provide your staff with an overview of the entire Member Splash system. 

We highly suggest that all staff members complete this training. In addition to this overview, we also offer role based training that can be completed once you have finished your Onboarding training.

Premium Training - https://membersplash.com/course/premium-plan/

Essentials Training -  https://membersplash.com/course/essentials-plan/

Basic Training -  https://membersplash.com/course/basics-plan/

Our Intermediate Level Training Videos (Role Based Classes) 

These training video's can be found at: https://membersplash.com/msu

Member Splash University is a collection of training courses organized by administrative role;   Membership Chair, Front Desk Admin, Front Desk Staff, Facilities Chair, Treasurer, Social Chair and Communications Chair. Each course is comprised of lessons designed to enhance knowledge needed to operate the platform according to your role at the pool.

See the full list and get started today: