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Front Desk Staff
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Front Desk Dashboard Overview

This video provides a tutorial for front desk staff. It covers logging in, navigating the dashboard, managing member information, accessing reservations, and using the point of sale system. Staff can also hide transactions and account types, and contact the pool admin for further access.

Member Check-in at Front Desk

The video is a lesson for front desk staff on how to check in members at the front desk. It covers the process of looking up members by last name or account ID, verifying their information, checking for any notes, and completing the check-in process. The lesson also includes a demonstration of checking in the Taylor family.

Additional Options plus Guest Check-in at Front Desk

This video is a tutorial on how to check in member guests at the front desk. It covers checking in members by last name, account ID, and adding guests with different credit options. The process involves selecting members, adding guests, and completing the check-in to increase the attendance count.

Reservations Calendar

This video is a tutorial for front desk staff, teaching them how to make and view reservations for clients. It covers the process of making reservations for different facilities, managing reservations, and viewing upcoming reservations. The staff is also shown how to download reservation information and sort reservations by different criteria.

Purchasing Guest Credits at the Front Desk

The video discusses the process of allowing members to buy guest passes at the front desk. It covers the setup for purchasing guest passes, including the ability for staff to override charges and amounts. The script also mentions different setups for guest pass purchases, such as allowing or restricting purchases at the front desk, and advises staff to discuss access to guest passes with their pool admin.

Taking Member Photos at the Front Desk

This video is a tutorial on how to do a basic check-in for staff members at the front desk, including taking member photos. It covers the process of checking in members and taking their photographs using the front desk system. The lesson also mentions the possibility of having a dedicated photograph taking day at the pool for all members.

Viewing Check-in Notes

This video is a quick lesson on how front desk staff can view check-in notes for members. The staff can access check-in notes through the front desk check-in process, and they are used for communication between the board and the front desk. Check-in notes can contain general or critical information and can stay with the account even after it is closed.

Visits Report

This video is a tutorial on how to use the visits report feature for front desk staff. It shows how to view check-in times, member vs. guest breakdown, and how to filter by date range. The report helps in identifying busiest times and planning staff accordingly.

Point of Sale

This video explains how front desk staff will take orders from the point of sale system for the snack bar. It covers the process of placing orders, adding items, payment options, and viewing orders, as well as the role of the pool admin in compiling and sending out bills.

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