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Membership Chair
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The video provides an overview of the member Splash dashboard, focusing on the accounts overview section, menu bar items, and settings. It also covers the admin drop down, membership section, reservations, front desk check-in, point of sale, and bills. The script emphasizes the features and functionalities of each section, highlighting the importance of the dashboard for the membership chair's tasks.

Front Desk Check-in Setting

This video is a tutorial on how to set up Member Splash settings for the front desk. It covers topics such as check-in settings, guest settings, payment options, and live checkout features. The script provides step-by-step instructions on how to customize these settings for a club or organization.

Visits Report

The video is a tutorial on how to use the Visits Report. It explains how to use the report to track pool visits, guest passes, and member credits, as well as how to filter and download the information for further analysis. The report is a powerful tool for managing pool operations and guest usage.

Account Screens & Account Types

This video covers the different account types and how to manage them. It also explains how to use the account screen to view and manage member accounts, as well as how to create and manage filters for reporting purposes. The script provides a step-by-step guide on how to navigate and utilize these features effectively.

Member Types and Tools

This video is a tutorial on managing member types, screens, and filters. It covers how to find and manage member types, edit and delete member types, and use filters to drill down into specific membership details. The tutorial also demonstrates how to create and save custom filters for easy access in the future.

Moving Accounts individually and in bulk

The video discusses how to make bulk changes to accounts. It covers moving accounts from one type to another, using the bulk update tool, and making individual account type changes. The script provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform these actions, emphasizing the importance of managing membership accounts effectively.

Products and Fee Types

The video provides a detailed lesson on products and fee types. It covers how to view and manage products, fee types, and the importance of categorizing fee types for invoicing. The script also explains how to add new fee types and the importance of keeping mandatory fees at the top of the invoice.


The video discusses the finance tab in the MS Menu, covering topics such as orders, payments, guest pass sales, and creating bills. It explains how to filter, delete orders, record payments, and consolidate bills, as well as how to view and resend bills to members. The script provides detailed instructions on using the finance tab for financial management in a club or organization.

Creating Check-In Notes

This video is about creating check-in notes for members at the front desk. It explains how to add specific and public notes to a member's account, and how to update and view these notes from the staff's perspective. The video also emphasizes the importance of check-in notes for providing important information about members.

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