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Facilities Chair
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Review of your clubs facilities & reservation needs

This video discusses the importance of understanding and setting up reservations for club facilities. It emphasizes the need to determine which facilities require reservations and how to set fair limits for members. The script also highlights the option to set reservation limits at the account level and the importance of ensuring fair access to facilities for all members.


This video is a tutorial on setting up facilities reservations. It covers how to group facilities, set reservation limits, create default schedules, and book reservations on behalf of members. The tutorial also demonstrates specific examples of adding facilities to existing groups and setting up reservation rules for different types of facilities.

Building a form to take a reservation & pay

(Essential/Premium Plans Only)

The video explains two simple ways to accept payment for reservations. The first method involves setting up a product for the reservation and the second method uses a form to collect additional information along with the payment. Both methods are explained in detail to help club administrators manage reservations and payments effectively.

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